Selected landmarks in my career:
-83 Hi-Fi geek and electronics at the early age of 12/13, and became fascinated with samplers and synths.
-87 Bought an Atari computer and took a course on Steinberg Pro-24.
-89 Hanging out in Copenhagen’s largest music store and exploring the new gear.
-91 Studied sound at Den Rytmiske Hojksole and started mixing songs.
-93 FOH for different kinds of bands, mostly Metal, Funk and Blues genres. Started to work with jazz drummer Thomas Blachman as Digidesign’s Session 8 recording software expert .
-95 Worked with Anders Schumann on making records, becoming a fully fledged professional mixing engineer. Built studio for Blachman
-96 Worked Aage Jensen studio department
-97 Mixing 16 hours a day and working on sound tracks for cinema and television and as FOH engineer in night clubs.
-00 Built the most well equipped analog/digital studios in Copenhagen C4 for Anders Schumann and started mastering professionally also.
-05 Transitioned and specialized to in-the-box mix/mastering using Pro Tools.
-07 Worked Aage Jensen studio department (now 4sound)
-08 Worked as an Apple certified Mac Support expert at Humac B2B
-09 Started a Mac Support company but still mixing/mastering.
-15 Moved to Lisbon Portugal working as a sound engineer in Big Bit Studios
-17 Back in DK
-18 Moved to the woods of Sweden with a Hybrid Analog/Digital setup and the best monitoring ever