Analog sound from a hybrid setup


400 DKK. /hour *

A complete mix of individual tracks to a stereo master.


All individual audio files must be delivered starting from the same point.

All files must be delivered without any plug-ins. In case of an important/artistic effect deliver one with and one without plugs.


400 DKK. /hour *

The “in-between” solution. Alot more powerful than stereo mastering but alot faster/cheaper than mixing


4-5 stereo files from the same starting point.

Eg. :
1. Bass
2. Drums
3. Instruments
All stems with effects
5. Effects


400 DKK. /hour *

Mastering of individual tracks or EPs/albums


Stereo files.

All audio files must be delivered with no processing/plug-ins on the master while bouncing the files.

* All prices are ex. VAT

Selected Work


What you get…

30+ years pro experience mixing.
20+ years pro experience mastering.

A music lover (since age 4) with a VERY wide/varied taste in music.
And because of that I “understand” alot of different genres.

I’m NOT restricted to or specialized in any genre.

An extensive knowledge of things like equipment/production methods and the history behind it.

I’m obsessed with sound quality .

Selected Landmarks

Important Info

All files MUST start from the same timestamp.
Please check all files before delivery.
All sample rates/formats are accepted.
24bit/44.1kHz WAV preferred.

What you deliver IS what gets mixed/mastered.
If there’s any errors in the files you deliver


If you want to change anything after mix/mastering standard hourly rates apply.
If I make a mistake I’ll fix it for free.


“Try him out, you won’t regret! Rune always manages to make great sounds even better
with his magic”

Sincerely, Thomas Thor, BPM/EarSound, CPH, DK

“Rune is the Wizzard of IOS, a Sound guy and a brilliant sound designer”

Remee S. Jackman

“Rune is very passionate about Sound and has a great ear. He has been a great help to me and has taught me a lot. Rune makes me sound good and understands my voice and the sound I want to achieve.“

Kira Li, Singer and vocal coach

“Rune has always been my go to guy. Both to configure my macs and for that small (but significant) input you need those times you might doubt or be stuck your mix. I would be lost without my buddy.”

Bo lund FOH, The Haunted / At the Gates / Soilwork

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rune on multiple occasions over the past 20 years. His ears, talent, and work is above reproach. He also taught me a lot. You should count yourself lucky, if you ever find yourself having Rune tweaking your faders and knobs.”

Anders Oland, Grammy Award-winning music producer

“Rune always seems to have solutions for situations yet to be anticipated. A
professional and hands-on troubleshooter as well creative technician. If you need to be
at the top of your game, better call Rune. He’s got a good ear for great sound.”

Al Agami

“Rune has mastered two of my records, both digital and vinyl and i’ve never had to send
anything back for further adjustments. He is precise and professionel and understands
sound from both an artistic and technical perspective. Rune also knows when not to turn
any knobs. Highly recommended.“

Strange Weather

“Rune is a sound wizard out of this world! I should know because I know exactly what the recordings for my latest album sounded like before Rune worked his magic! In the world of music Rune can turn water into wine!“

Niels HP

“Ever since the early 90′, Zetterstroem has been my favorite soundengineer for my live shows. Further more, he has been my tutor and mentor on my way to become a studio technician/sound engineer myself. Our state of the art studio, carries several pieces of equipment exclusively designed by Zetterstroem. ” if there’s a problem we can’t fix, Zetterstroem can do it in the mix!”

Joseph Mbida,, “Tribal M”, The Compound Studios

“Rune’s knowledge about sound is so extensive that I had him design my output chain.
I’m really happy with the results, everything is easier now.”

CTRLS Token Records

“A good partner to share philosophies with and carries huge wisdom towards sound.”

Thomas Dietl

“Rune has a brilliant ear and understanding of the sonic universe. In both mix and mastering Rune is the glue that makes everything stick together. I can’t remember making a track, and not running it through Rune – at least for advice…”

Dennis Dithmar

“Rune always got what I wanted out of my masters, and we kept going until everyone was happy with the tracks. Usually he got it right the first time. Rune knows how to distinguish between genres regarding how a mix and master should sound, so in my case, I like the fact that the master sounds so clean and clear without loosing its edge.”

Emil Oscar Ekelund

“Rune is by my definition of the best Sound and Mastering Engineer, he always has a great understanding of the sound i would like to achieve. He comes up with the perfect solution if i have problem i can ́t fix. He ́s been my mentor over the years, and have teached me almost everything i know about mixing and mastering. One of his many forces is his wide understanding of different genres of music, and how it should sound. I can highly recommend Rune…”

Dennis Bøg, Resoe Baum Records / Echocord / Pattern Repeat

“Rune has been my trusty consultant from my debut album as AUM back in the early 90s. He is a highly intelligent, funny – and devastatingly honest – purveyor of the ideal, ultimate sound. he is the go-to guy for mastering most genres and no-bullshit non fetishist system design.”

Morten Vammen, Recording Artist / Composer / Producer

“Rune is a highly competent and dedicated sound-engineer.”

Jens Lysdal

“Rune has a unique understanding of sound and it’s architecture. He always heightens whatever I bring into the studio. He is very helpful with any musical problem, a great inspiration, always very supportive and an extremely patient and generous teacher, open to any question for as he says: “there is no such thing as a dumb question”. I’ve learnt and gained so much from working with Rune that words fall short. I am very grateful and believe that anyone lucky enough to receive teaching, mix or any other musical adventure with Rune is truly blessed.”

Stef Wist