A/D-D/A Converter: RME ADI-8 AE
Modified w. JFET op-amps+
Nichicon capacitors
DIY Linear PSU
Compressor (main): Empirical Labs EL8-X stereo matched pair.
EQ (main): Summit MPE-200s
Wordclock: Rosendahl Nanosyncs
Soundcards: RME Fireface UC x2 w. DIY linear powersupply


Monitors (primary): Amadues Icon
Handbuilt danish hi-end speakers
Modified w. better components in the
Monitors (secondary): DIY “auratone-killers” 2” full range
w. B&K ST-140 mos-fet amp
Amp: B&K ST-202 mos-fet
Modified with 1000 Watt toroid transformer
Schottky diodes/Sprague electrolytics
D/A (non-oversampling): Audio Note DAC 1.2 kit
Built throughout w. :
Audio Note tantalum resistors
AN + Black Gate capacitors
AN DAC 5 analog lowpass filters
Van den Hul cable
Uses JAN/Philips 6922 valves
Volume control: 24-stepped NLE/elma attenuator
Matched to 0.05dB tolerance
Nelson Pass JFET B1 buffer (unity gain)
Built w. : AN tantalum resistors
Battery powered
Cables: Monitor chain : Van den Hul d 102
Master chain : Van den Hul
Speakers (inside and out) :
Audio Quest solid core (bi-wired)